Center for Conscious Living
          Center for Conscious Living
Celebrations of LIFE
Currently Suspended

           CCL no longer meets                 Sundays at the Wil-Mar Center
he Center for Conscious Living is announcing a suspension of live gatherings at the Wil-Mar Center until further notice. 
 We believe "LIFE" is an acronym for what humans have attempted to understand and define for eons as "God." Our vision of the Creative Source is "Loving Intelligent Field of Energy." The Loving Spirit community is invited to dance, sing, chant, meditate and honor each other's Spirit in an environment of joy and inclusion, while at the same time observing the protocols necessary to defeat the Covid19 pandemic. 

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Additionally, keep returning to this site or ask (via e-mail) to be placed on our email newsletter list to get information regarding special events that CCL will be sponsoring and/or producing.  There are exciting activities hatching.  

Hey ma!

     We were in the paper!
In early 2010, shortly after the Center first opened, the Wisconsin State Journal  published a bit of our story.  To check it out, just click here.  And, in 2012, the Madison Isthmus published an article about the Center you can access by clicking here.

Help support the Center with a tax deductable contribution.
Make a tax deductible contribution to the Center the old fashioned way.  Send a check. The Center for Conscious Living is a spiritual community that relies on revenues from operations and donations.  We currently receive no outside funding. The Center is a 100% volunteer organization.  We are a 25 year old church, so all donations made here are 100% tax deductible.  We document all verifiable contributions by mail at the end of each year.  Thank you for supporting the Center for Conscious Living and our efforts to support a better life for all Madisonians.
Center for Conscious Living 

To learn how you can become an active participant in the Center's operation or get on an informational mailing list, e-mail your request to or phone us at: 608-843-7740

      Sunday Life Celebration
w/Rev. Gene Ferrara
starts at 11:11am
at the
Wil Mar Neighborhood Center
953 Jennifer St.

The Center for Conscious Living exists as a
non-denominational forum for spiritual community . This spiritually energetic community currently stages events such as spiritual support groups, metaphysical understanding and spiritual practice workshops, Kirtans,  Spiritual Cinema, Spirit (ecstatic) dances, meditations, and concerts.

When people become fully aware of themselves - and all other people - as individualized expressions of a single Divine Consciousness, they are ready to receive the abundant gifts of love, peace, vitality and creative self expression that are available to all of us. We believe this awareness is facilitated through the building of spiritual community.

Loving Spirit
Community for Conscious Living
A Community for 
the Whole Earth

The Loving Spirit Community for Conscious Living and the Center for Conscious Living
are wholly owned entities of The Madison Church of Religious Science Ltd.,
a Wisconsin non-profit corporation.
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