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                        Pastoral Services Available
CCL founder, Reverend Gene Ferrara is available to lead ritual work of all types. Whether it be a wedding, a recommitment ceremony, a funeral, a hospice blessing, a baby blessing, a house clearing or an elemental ritual, Rev. G brings a lifetime of experience and a strong spiritual connection to the event.  He is also available to provide counseling services and instruction in a broad variety of spiritual practices.

But wait, there's more!
Rev. G, formerly known in San Francisco circa 1979 as DJ Mondo Bizarro, is also available to provide facilitation and music programming for ecstatic dance or "Spirit" dances at a venue of your choice.  He can also provide sound reinforcement systems for almost any sized room.  

So... to access any or all of this graceful wonder, simply contact Rev. G directly at 608-843-7740 or
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